Friday, October 23, 2009

Bookworm: Backwards Edition

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a book nerd. Sometimes I don't read the most intellectual books per se (Twilight will be a classic in 50 years, mark my words), but I do love to read when I have the time. I enjoy the use of books in design. I think that a library is important when I have a house of my own and I've been known to have opinions about book arrangement. I'm referring to the color coding idea for book arrangment which I'm morally opposed to. Dramatic? Rigid? Perhaps. Anyway, the latest book trend I've seen is turning the book spines inward so that the inside is visible. Take a look at some and then we can talk about it.

Luke Vahle was featured in this week's Decorati newsletter. The books here are turned spine inwards which works with the clean white color scheme of this desk. I like the use of stacking the books on either side like bookends.

Ms. Lauren of Pure Style Home did a similar bookcase display; hers with more interest and "objets". The top row really accents the little bust sculptures. The crates at the bottom break up the mass of books as well. Well done!

From The City Sage blog. Book spines turned inwards everywhere! I love how you can tell how old the book is by how yellowed the inside is.

From Country Living (via Dover Pl. blog), this shows that you don't need a neutral color scheme for this idea. Here, bright colors pop from the background of the books.

I decided to try it for myself on a small scale. Should I be embarrassed of my book selection? I'm not...

I thought I'd break up the monotony with two of my most gorgeous book spines off to the side. I kind of like the look of this but I'm still torn.

I have a really pretty cloth Pierre Deux journal that I included in the stack on the middle shelf. I understand the idea, and maybe when you're finished reading an embarrassing bestseller book you might want to turn it spine inwards.

What do you all think of this idea? I saw this done at the J. Crew in Westfarms mall in Farmington, CT (yeah!!), and in the store display it looked amazing! I wish I had a picture to show you. I'd love to do something interesting with my bookcases besides the mini displays I've created but I have so many design books that I love to show them off and admire them myself. I'm thinking of wallpapering the back of the bookcase or painting it a bright color.

Alicia B.


Emily Amy Gallery said...

Interesting idea...but the whole concept of a library (to me) revolves around which books you have read. This way no one can see how knowledgeable you are (or aren't!).

Anonymous said...

I have to say...I think it's the opposite...very UN-interesting...the second point I would totally agree with - pointless. How, might I ask, is one supposed to find anything?

Kajsa said...

Of course old pages are very beautiful... faded shades of cream and yellow and ivories. But a book is so much more than its physical form that it seems silly to have shelves displaying what is really the least beautiful aspect of a book.

In a small vignette this could possibly be intriguing, but whole shelves signal that the occupant of the room isn't a reader of their own books. To me, that just looks foolish.

I agree with you that old paper is gorgeous!

Down Pillow said...

Call me a traditionalist, but I still prefer the spines showing - how would you be able to find the book you want, should you actually want to read something?

Living It At Home said...

You have given me inspiration to work on my bookshelves. They are not interesting at all right now.

I do however have to find some more interesting objects to arrange on my shelves. That is why I have started my blog so that I can express what it is I love, then hopefully hunt it down. I am having a lot of fun with it.
Love your blog!

Thank you, Jamilyn

home before dark said...

This is a topic cropping up all over. Like you, I am a book nerd. But I have to vote with anon about lack of interest and how to find anything. I call my book thing "living with spines." They are like totems of my life. Good friends with deep memories. I also tend to reread passages of favorites. I spend an amazing amount of time reading. Don't need to spend more time trying to find what I want to read. Having said that, whatever floats your boat. If you love to read Twilight and friends, I say go for it. Reading is the important thing. What you do with your books is your choice.