Saturday, August 23, 2008

Book Organization

In my recent quest to find painted bookcases, I came across a trend which I've previously tried to ignore: COLOR CODING BOOKS. It seems on the ever-trendy, that people LOVE this idea. Personally, I disapprove. I love books--art books, interior design books, silly novels, cook books etc. I love owning books, too. Organizing them in the above fashion, to me, seems like the owner of these books only has them for show, not because they truly value these books. I admit, to have something organized in such a way is fun and somewhat visually pleasing, but at the same time these objects are books, something you take off the shelf and read.  Seems suspect.

This is just my opinion however. It also got me thinking about how I organize my books. By genre? By type? By size? SHOULD I color code them? haha, please.

From Domino Magazine. I really like that painting off to the left, though.

From Domino Magazine


For tips on how to organize books, I found a method on wikihow.

Alicia B.

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Amanda said...

I organise my books by colour. To stop them from all getting mixed up though, I keep them separated into genre (dotted around the house) and then within those genres they're colour organised. Keeping them in colour order makes your room look much neater (especially when you have wall to wall bookshelves like me). I do it with my dvds and cds too. But I see your point.