Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Design

So, I realize that I have barely shared anything about myself.  To remedy this, here are some pictures from my room in my tiny NYC apartment.  I am constantly changing thing, buying new objects that most of the time I haven't a place for, but such is life.  Enjoy!

Martha Stewart Lamp, from college with a Pottery Barn shade.  Yeah, I have a Bose too.  

I'm working on my gallery framing set up.  The two botanicals are from the Met Museum,   The large perspective drawing I bought from the Mark Hotel when they turned the hotel into real apartments.

This bracket I have a left one on the other side of my window from  Its pretty much hit or miss at that place but you can find some cute things if you really look.  

I got these three mirrors from Pottery Barn and hung them from really cute blue satin ribbons.

Alicia B.

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