Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hardcore Hardware

Fellow designer friend of mine from Cafiero Lighting Design asked me for my advice on sources for hardware which sent me into a wild search for new hardware ideas!

This is her pick above from Nanz Hardware which is an excellent source for hinges, drawer pulls, locks, knobs etc and they do custom finishes.

Here are my favorites below: I love this antique drawer pull

Cygnus hook from Rejuvination also. They are a really great source for vintage hardware.

Dakota Oval knob from Restoration Hardware.

Classic knob with ribbed detailing, Felicity knob, vintage "frog" hinge. Perfect.

I am terminally in love with Daisies because of my highschool. This one is from Anthropologie as well. Nancre Daisy.

Did not see this slate switch plate coming but SUPER love it from

Alicia B.

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