Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visually Offensive

As much as I adore Domino Magazine, this spread in their last issue made me physically ill. I know I'm being dramatic but....this is NOT good design. Can you imagine living here? Nothing works. NOTHING. This is fashion designer Matthew Williamson's dwelling and there is no way that this abode warrants a spread in Domino. The colors, the styles, the tiled mirror on the fireplace??? WHAT???

Shock is right.

acid reflux


Have fun cooking with that blaring neon pink.

Below are some of his fashion designs. How on earth can a man who has such great clothing designs inflict such visual pain on his home?

Love the yellow.

A lot of design blogs just praise praise praise. I thought it was time for a little criticism. Thanks.

Alicia B.

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erin@designcrisis said...

My God, that's a lot of stuff in that house. Restraint, people! Restraint!