Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Throw Blankets

If you haven't noticed, the temperatures have dropped in the past few days and I can feel Fall coming. A snuggly throw would come in quite handy in the coming months, so I have done a search for some of my favorites. Any other suggestions?

Polo Cashmere Cable knit throw, $ 595. Comes in other colors, too.

Williams Sonoma Home at wshome.com on sale for $149 right now! Who doesn't need more plaid in their life? So classic--and it's cashmere.

Gumps cashmere throw in persimmon! $275.  
(See earlier blog entry on how orange is the new pink.)

Etsy store Austin Quality Knits. Love the homemade look of it--looks like a big sweater.


I think these are my favorites c/o Gumps.  Cashmere, and on sale for $169.

Williams Sonoma Home, Jacquard Throw. $ 368 and you can monogram it, too.

Polo Cashmere fringe throw. $495

Alicia B.

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