Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Design

Bellini Girl's Bedroom. Girly Cute.

My cousin and his wife and having their first child in less than a month and its been pretty much all about babies for the past month and I know its just going to get worse. Kids rooms are difficult as the room is hard to grow as the child grows; then you end up changing the room completely. There are a lot of traditional, ridiculously cutsie things out there and then there are the David Netto style uber modern furniture. Not my cup of tea.

It got me thinking about a baby room or nursery though...here are some cute things I came up with.

Cute beaded chandelier from Kimberly Hall Kids


Pottery Barn, I love the pink lotus wall paper.

Pottery Barn. Boyish room with out all the cliche baseball and sports junk. I love the little block animals reading the book on the ground. (picked by designer Cafiero Lighting)

Pottery Barn. I love the yellow and brown combination.

Baby swing in preppy pink and green from Kimberly Hall Kids.

Alicia B.

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