Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dollhouse Design

Heather Benning should be an inspiration to us all with this lifesize dollhouse. See the article at Apartment Therapy here She bought an old farm house and transformed it into a lifesized dollhouse. The front even comes down so you can go inside. Amazing!

I seem to be interested in all things small of late. Ever since I pulled out my old dollhouse from the attic I've been toying around with remodelling it. Good dollhouse furniture is quite hard to find so I might have to go the ebay route.

Here are some fab things I found:

Portrait in a frame

Chinese Console Table

Old Mixer. LOVE.

Old Washing Machine.

I haven't decided on a style obviously...Here are some more modern furniture examples. Not sure if I love them for myself but they are great nonetheless. I hope Barbie can entertain properly on that Marshmallow Sofa...

The following is from which is a great source for dollhouse EVERYTHING!

fish tank for the dollhouse kids!

too cute not to buy

wooden table lamp and shade...actually electrified.

I love this wing chair...Have a sneeking suspicion it will be bought soon...

Alicia B.

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