Friday, August 22, 2008

Bookcase Painting

Amazing Katie Ridder designed this fun living room. 

I have some rather boring dark mahogany finish bookcases and really wanted to do something to punch them up a bit. Painting the back of them makes the objects in front pop more, adds interest to an otherwise boring bookcase, and can be a fun weekend project.

See below for some fun examples, including putting fabric on the back!

Living room by Jason Bell in House Beautiful. I pretty much love this entire living room. Everything.

Some fun fabric options for a blah bookcase! I like the one on the left the best. Pretty fabric.

Sunny Yellow color from Domino Mag

Hopefully this bookcase distracts from that leopard sofa. DIY project from Domino Mag.

Alicia B.


Alicia said...

hah, I stumbled upon this post when searching for "diy bookcase". I thought it was funny that you're also an "Alicia B.", just like I am!

Alicia B. Designs said...

Glad you found me! Funny we're both Alicia B's who take pictures too!