Thursday, August 21, 2008

Will the Gap be back?

New York Times is speculating again if the Gap is going to make ANOTHER come back this fall. Apparently they've gotten a new set of designers who will whip the Gap back into the mainstream. I'm pretty excited as all the new looks are very reminiscent of my youth...the 90's and they look very "back to school."

Here is the article in the NY Times.

My Fave quote from it is from the designer Patrick Robinson,

"Speaking honestly, when I was younger, I really wanted the fame thing,” he said. “It was part of the game of being a fashion designer. But that doesn’t turn me on anymore. What turns me on — my soul — is making cool clothes and being part of a company where I can actually see the difference I’m making. I’m not just spinning my wheels and getting the clothes into five stores in America.”

How real/soulful! Anyway take a look below at some of their new looks...

Orange and brown belted cardigan...Orange!

I think I had a dress like this in blue when I was 8. I think I'll get one again...

The article says Khaki is back again and as a boring preppy girl...I'M IN!

Cute gauzy window pane scarf

Alicia B.

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