Saturday, August 30, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Robert Stilin

Robert Stilin ( is incredibly talented and one of my favorite designers. He is based in The Hamptons and now has his own shop there. What I love most about him is the way that he combines modern art with antiques. Though some of the furniture appears rustic the look in its entirety comes off as crisp and clean. Take a look at my favorite selections from his amazing portfolio below.

Calming blues and browns.

Wonderful black light fixture.

I love this ebonized trunk.

Beautiful sisal carpet and trestle table.

Note the green glass jugs on the shelf and the interesting fireplace configuration.

This bathroom above is so fresh and simple.

This light fixture is gorgeous...actually so is the whole kitchen.

The stool, the table, the chair, the sculpture.

Alicia B.

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I just linked over from Precious Style. Great space you have here! SO much inspiration!