Monday, September 1, 2008

A forgotten Space: Stairs

One of the elements that is the most overlooked in design can often be the stairway. Seems obvious but how often do you really think of it? Its not a room perse, but is a very important element; it can make or break a foyer, front hall, or whatever room it happens to fall into. There are many different ways you can treat the stairway. Paint the steps, stain the wood, put a runner down, paint a faux runner. What about the banister? Architectural elements? Mouldings? Art? There is actually a lot to think about.

Below are some fun examples:

Sisal carpeting runner.
Robert Stilin

A painted red runner.
domino mag

Crayola stairs
Domino mag

Reverse painted runner on natural wood.
Domino mag

Stairs slash counter top
I Beam Design

Ornate architectural element
Gil Schafer

Striped runner with large scale wallpaper.
Jed Johnson

Orkney Chair on the landing.
Orrick and Co

Alicia B.

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