Sunday, September 7, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Wick Design Group

In one of my favorite magazines, Western Interiors, I read about a designer Will Wick of Wick Design Group. So, obviously I googled him and found his website and portfolio. I found his interiors clean and calming but not necessarily simple. He is based in San Francisco and is very attractive...not that that has anything to do with his design. OR DOES IT??

Here are my favorites slash interesting ones:

I like his use of primitive type woods with more refined materials. Oh yeah, and ZEBRA.

Amazing drift wood over the mantle but the shell in the fireplace scares me.

Zebra pillow! And I really like that LV trunk as a side table. Nice bookcase displays too.

Clean bathroom.

This was the image that caught my eye in the Western Interiors.

Clothing is framed on the wall. Interior design meets fashion? People are very enthusiastic about this trend but I'm not sure. What do we think?

On the website, there are items hand picked by Will Wick from his travels or otherwise. Check them out because there are some fabulous vintage pieces.

Alicia B.

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