Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sick Day

This is a little demonstration of my day so far. I woke up not feeling well; sore throat, sneezing etc.

Pierre Deux Tissue box cover in blue toile!

Called work and went back to bed. WISH this were my bed but its from Yves Delorme.

Then had some tea from some of the best tea makers in the world. Yeah, in the world

And then someone got me some apple juice and graham crackers. Yeah, someone.

I love to go through my magazines and rip out pages or certain things that inspire me. Veranda is one of my faves and they have some very beautiful spreads

I thought it was time I got some fresh air so I braved the mean city streets. Two blocks and I was exhausted.

Here I am again back to bed to sleep hopefully. This bed is from Martha's collection at Macy's.

Alicia B.

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