Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sir John Soane

I'm quite busy lately as I have started school up again for the semester. This post will be inspired by something I am learning about in school. Sir John Soane is a legendary designer from London during the 1800s. His Neoclassical designs and play with light are what attracts me most to this architect/ designer. His own home, 12 Lincoln's Inn Fields, which evolved over about thirty years during his career in London, is below. It is now, and was then a museum for collections and architecture.

This room is so gorgeous. Did anyone read in the Washington Post today that yellow paint is the new hot wall color? Obviously it's timeless. duh.

I believe this is the breakfast room which is my favorite room. The light comes in from above this canopied ceiling. Very ethereal.

Dining room.

Another shot of the dining room. Look at the amazing architectural elements here. The coffered ceiling, the bookcases, etc.

This room houses Soane's ancient sculpture remnants collection. Again, the light effect in here is amazing.


If you want to learn more about him, here is the wikipedia link:

Alicia B.

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thevintagechair said...

beautiful. It's amazing how one of the greatest aspects of a room can be something we don't actually design: the natural light. To find ways to capture that light, and spread it around and use it to your advantage can make a room look absolutely stunning- as Soane has proven!
great post.