Thursday, September 4, 2008

Zebra. In or Out?

It seems to me that there is a bit of confusion about the trend of Animal prints. Are they in? Are they out? Or are they timeless like pearls and a popped collar? Here are some examples from interior design and fashion. Looks like zebra is SO HOT RIGHT NOW. What do you think?

Miles Redd

Target Rug

Todd Romano. I .......adore this room.

Todd Romano

Domino Mag. I love putting rugs on top of sisal.

Manhattan Street Barrier. ha.

Gumps ottoman.

Horchow Chocolate Zebra Wing Chair

J Crew ballet flats. Leopard can be hot too!

McBeth Collection. Fun pink accessory.

I just found this article in Real Simple about how animal prints will always be coming back. They say go for the most authentic looking ones; ie. black and white, not loud colors such as above. I think its fine for a silly file folder though.,21863,1709685-10,00.html

Alicia B.

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