Sunday, September 28, 2008

Flea Market Sunday

On Sunday, my roommate and I couldn't think of anything we'd rather do in the pouring rain than go to an outdoor flea market all the way in Hell's Kitchen. I love going to flea markets and tag sales. You might not see something amazing but you can always see the potential in it to BE amazing. I always end up with something that I'm going to make into a project (which I can't really talk about because some people might receive them as gifts. Awkward.).

My roommate got this adorable hand mirror. I love the little rose detail on the back. Precious.

Some cute old keys. (PROJECT!)

I did not buy this. I promise you.

Florentine style painted diamond panels. Made in Italy!

A "wee" sewing machine. Hand painted. $ 125.00. ugh.

The awesome jug which, for now I'll use as a vase but later I'd like to turn it into a lamp.

Mini tea kettle.

Wooden panels with little painted scenes. SO cool--but did not buy.

A close up on the panel.

Terracotta painted tile.

Check out this amazing framed map which is currently hanging in our living room! I love framed maps.

I'd love to go back or hit up some other flea markets around the city. Here is the website to the other flea markets around NYC. I can't wait to start transforming my so called junk into something awesome that I'll love!

Alicia B.

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