Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feeling Blue? GREAT!

Benjamin Moore's Paddington Blue # 791

A friend of mine just moved into a new apartment and was asking me for advice! Yay! She has lots of dark wood furniture and doesn't want pink to be involved in the color scheme (I know, crazy right?). I suggested blue to her and she loved the idea of the rich dark browns and contrasting blues. Also add in some sandy browns or pale golds for accents! Here are some fun blue interiors that I found.

A tranquil bedroom from Dominio Mag.

I love this facade. LOVE.

A blue color scheme with a pale yellow wall from Domino Mag.

A Markham Roberts Dining room. Beautiful.

Blue hallway.

From Domino, Nick Olson designed this living room with bold blues and yellows.

Alicia B.


thevintagechair said...

Blue is definitely coming back in a big way! I love the look of it with crisp white moldings and baseboards. So refreshing. It's odd that I love all this blue, because I never really considered myself a "blue" person, but I'm seeing it used in so many creative ways lately that I just love it!

Anonymous said...
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