Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh, Martha.

Everyday I recieve organizing tips of the day from Martha (fine, judge me). Sometimes they are ridiculous and other times they are super inspiring and great tips. If you are like me and have a tiny apartment but lots of clothing then this tip will come in handy. My top drawer of my dresser is....full, to say the least. This tip was great--I have some things divided in little baskets; scarves etc. It worked very well and I didn't have to put dividers in it or anything. Thanks Martha.

Empty drawer template.

Organized accessories too. LOVE.

Here is the website for more tips.

Alicia B.

1 comment: said...

GORGEOUS! I'm not judging! I get so excited for those tips everyday! I link to all of the good ones in my blog. Today's flashlight on the fusebox is brilliant!