Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bye Bye Shazia

For anybody who watches Top Design, you'd probably be jazzed about last night's outcome, too. Shazia Kirmani is finally gone. SO, I decided to search her to see if she'd done anything since being kicked off. Not really. Before she started the show though, she got a spread in Nirali (which means different) Magazine, a magazine about art, gossip, movies etc for South Asian Americans and Canadians. So far, I'm uncomfortable. While I do like some elements (I'm always trying to see the positive side of things), many of her elements are poorly chosen and cliche.
.I like the light whimsical feeling but the carpet is too small and being hidden.
I like the chest in the corner. Life Magazine Covers framed? Looks like a tacky DIY project which I'm sure it was.
I like chocolate brown walls. I'll give her that since I know I'm being too harsh.
Something looks crooked or like its about to fall off the wall. Nervous.

I think the thing that made me the most annoyed about her (besides the fact that I was scared every show that she was going to ruin EVERYTHING) was that she thought she was going to be the first ever Indian/Pakistani Interior Designer. In almost every show she would say that she was really going against the grain in her culture by not being a doctor or a lawyer. While that IS the stereotype, you're not the first one and you're putting your own culture/heritage in a box which I found offensive. Good for you Shazia for wanting to have people look up to you for breaking the mold. Was that too harsh? Your thoughts on Shazia?

Alicia B.


Brilliant Asylum said...

She was getting a little whiny there towards the end. I don't care much for Preston either, but I figure his time should be up pretty soon.

thevintagechair said...

ugh. good riddance. Mediocrity at its finest.