Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Docking Stations

I have had a recent issue on my desk with, you guessed it, wires. I have a cord for my cell phone, a cord for my ipod, one for my computer, two for my new external harddrive and another for my not so small digital camera. SO i'm having a little bit of an organization disaster and I went on a hunt for something attractive to hide my wires and this is what I came up with. So far not much but if anyone else has any suggestions please chime in!

This one is my favorite right now even though it is Pottery Barn, $79! It blends best with my other accesories and my light green country style desk.

This is the Container Store one for 24.99 but is more techy looking. Best price but not the most attractive. No offense Container Store, I still love you.

This is West Elm, for $49 and comes in white, black, and mushroom laquers. Quite cute and small for city living.

Here is another one from Horchow

In leather, $69

Alicia B.

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disastress said...

i like the horchow one the best. done and done.