Monday, August 11, 2008

I heart Stephen Drucker

This little cutie is the Editor in Chief of House Beautiful which is my absolute fave design mag. Its pretty much genius. I just picked up a the September Issue the "Fall Color Issue." I adore color, in design and fashion. I pretty much don't feel right if I'm only wearing black white or grey--I'm not a real New Yorker I guess.

Anyway, I'm proud to say that I've met Stephen Drucker and he is so sweet (I think he might have been into me...haha) ! Hes very humble, almost shy and very thoughtful. He listens to other people which I think is quite rare in a designer. After googling him to find that fab picture above I found this old Apartment Therapy interview with him. Here is the Interview below...

1. What's the smallest home youve ever lived in?

A basement studio at 28 Grove Street in Greenwich Village. Never had a bad moment there.

2. Whats the last thing you bought for your own home?

Search grand tour intaglios on eBay and youll see.

3. If you had to furnish one room in your own home from scratch all from one source, what would it be?

Ruby Beets in Sag Harbor, NY.

4. Whats your favorite spot in your own home?

My desk. Sitting there, youd swear you were in London.

5. How often do you cook?

Most Saturday nights.

6. Whats the one thing you couldnt live without?

My Bose iPod dock.

7. Where should people splurge in their homes? Where should they save?

A decorator once told me, it isnt the first $1000 that makes a room, its the last $100. (In other words, its not the sofa, its the small stuff.)

8. What designer do you most admire?

Billy Baldwin.

9. What makes a home comfortable?

Using things. If youre afraid of it, get rid of it.

(interview from

I just love how real and somewhat practical he is. He doesn't pretend that he cooks gourmet meals every night, clearly doesn't have frivolous useless things in his house and he has an ipod! So cute! I wonder how I'd answer some of those questions...anyone?

Alicia B.

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