Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eco Furniture

"Going green," despite my initial fear of everything being made of hemp, is actually a lasting trend. There are a lot of "green" or "eco" products out there. A lot of it is cliche--made of driftwood or pebbles; but there is some that it pretty attractive (see below). It adds a natural look to your decor and makes you feel like you're doing something good for the environment! How could you go wrong?

Above is a Pottery Barn duvet and sheet set, organic.

mini concrete planters from

Ship wood bench from Viva Terra. Recycled products!

Woven basket from Gumps.

Cork bath mat from  My roomate and I have been faux fighting over a new cork or teak bath mat for months. Perhaps this one will be "the one!" I just discovered Gaiam today and it's a really great source for eco products and yoga accessories!

Ha-dong Patchwork quilt from Gaiam

Linen Shower Curtain,

Also from Gaiam, I really like the sheets but could do without that pattern as a quilt.

Alicia B.

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