Friday, August 15, 2008

Living Walls

I completed a project of a living room with a PLANT theme in my last class this summer. Through this I discovered the concept of "living walls." They are walls with plants growing directly out of them; they can be planted with different plants to make many different beautiful designs.

Manhattan's First living wall!

The facade of Pure Yoga studio on 86th street.

A close up of a section.

Since I live in nyc I found one on the glorious upper east side on 86th street on the facade of a new yoga studio. I love the concept; they look so fresh and lush. And lets face it, New York needs more plants and trees. Go green!

You can even design them yourself through this website:

Here are more...

This one has 4 sides! Different color for each side.

Under Construction (source:

A feature on them from Elle Decor (I think)

Wall Mounted plants on the smaller scale

Alicia B.

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