Monday, August 11, 2008

More Etsy Sellers

Yes, I'm obsessed with Etsy. This seller that I saw on More Ways to Waste Time blog is so amazing. The store is here. She uses embroidery in her prints. LOVE.

Grasses and Shells, 5 x 7 $10

Red Coral, 8 x 10 $20

Shells and Dunes, 5 x 7 $10

Also there is this kinda cute shop GoGoAbigail I love the little brass section all vintage and i love brass and the way it ages. She also has a blog which i adore

Brass Duck $10

I'm sorry but who doesn't need a brass duck? SO CUTE.

Lion Paperweight, $15

I love how feisty this lion is too.

More to come later on today...

Alicia B.

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