Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dining Table Gossip

This is the dining table that Bunny Williams designed for the Kips Bay Showhouse.

I was so sorry that I couldn't make it to the Holiday House 2009 Showhouse; a tablescape show house on the Upper East Side, but I read a fun article about it in the NY Times. It sounded like a glamorous event to be sure but the main thing that I took from it was a fabulous quote from one of my favorite designers Bunny Williams. In regard to dinner and seating she said, "First off, hosts need to separate husbands and wives. Nobody does that anymore, and I think it’s disgusting. I don’t want to sit next to John (her husband), I want to get in the cab with him later and gossip." Oh Bunny, you are too hilarious! And of course, she's right. Bad form. Anyway, here are some gorgeous dining rooms that you can all gossip about later in the cab.

Here is Bunny Williams's table that was inspired by the Summer Solstice! So gorgeous and I love the colors--they look delicious. If you want to see more pictures, Heather from Habitually Chic was lucky enough to attend the gala and take amazing shots of everything there. Check it out HERE. Also, oddly enough she did a post on dining rooms today too...weird.

A simple X-based table with two benches, this dining room is simple and glamorous with the glass top on the table. By Tom Scheerer.

I normally hate a skirted table (yes, it's not a popular opinion, I know.), but for some reason this one is really working for me over this round table. Maybe it's the cheery yellow fabric in the otherwise muted, soft shaded room. By John Peixinho.

This traditional looking design by Eric Cohler is soft and unstuffy. I think that shade of blue freshens up the room that is fully antiques and plush fabrics.

I'm not sure why all of a sudden I'm drawn to round dining tables, but I am. I especially love the pewter vase full of flowers. Barry Dixon.

Not LOVING the rug there that Barbara Westbrook chose, but how can you not love the shade of grey against the gilt wood frames. Swoon.

Just a little flash of what must be an incredible dining room by Bunny Williams, I'm loving the yellows and that rug is exquisite. Yes, exquisite.

This post really makes me wish that my kitchen table didn't function as a dining table, craft table, drafting table, and counter top. It would be amazing to be able to throw a dinner party in a formal dining room but for now, I can blog. These are sure inspiration enough and now I must get back to my drafting table which is covered in fabric swatches right now! You can gossip in comments, thanks.

Alicia B.

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I love that gray dining room , it was my favorite of your photos, but could not agree more about that rug...