Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Faves

Fun doily tin decoration for all the cookies I'll be making (eating) this Christmas season!

It is the last Friday before Christmas and the second to last day of Hanukkah! I have nearly all of my Christmas gifts purchased and the last of it I will do this weekend when I finally have time. I have finished my class for the semester so that stress is behind me and I did pretty well so I'm quite happy about that. Here are the Friday Faves!

This year my family used a photograph that I took for our Christmas card! If you like it and want to buy one, I'm offering 20% off until next Monday. Time is limited and deals are GOOD. for more!

While I am a huge fan of antique or vintage ornaments, these little crocheted ones are so sweet! Its very cold today in NYC and these are making me feel warm already. From Etsy shop, Amy Gaines.

I love this warm interior by Miles Redd and the different mixes of patterns. I love how he put the Asian art work in the little mirror niche on either side of the fireplace.

Now I have to get cracking on my gifts. I have lots of ideas and I'm finding it so hard to narrow it down. I just love to GIVE (I also love to shop)! I might be going to a carol-sing this weekend with the beau, might play some squash, might get some more Christmas decorating done, and might have some egg nog! Egg nog anyone?

Alicia B.

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down comforter said...

LOVE the doily tins & crochet ornaments - so sweet :)