Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Honest Scrap-tastic Award

About a million years ago one of my fave bloggers, Claire from High Gloss Blue nominated me for the Honest Scrap Award and I've taken my sweet time accepting it. It's New Years Eve so I figure I'd better get to it before the year is done. Thanks Claire! Basically for this award as you all probably know, I have to reveal ten things about myself and nominate seven other people for this award. Here goes! #1) I HATE revealing things about myself on my blog. I tend to say little tidbits but nothing major so maybe that's why I took so long making this list.


#2) I'm insanely fair skinned by if I could lie on the beach all day with a book (and a cocktail), I would do it in an instant. Don't worry, I'll still be wearing SPF 45. Really.

A postcard from Malta

#3) On that note, I've wanted to go to Malta (and lie on the beach) since I was a senior in college and I learned about Caravaggio and how be painted and became one of the Knights of Malta.

A dress made of Skittle wrappers! WOW...

#4)I'm a candy-a-holic. I know candy is bad/will give you cavities but I would rather eat skittles than chips or any other snack. And unlike most candy-a-holics, I don't care for chocolate.


#5) This one is SUPER juicy about me. Wait for it...I hate valences. I think they are worthless and ridiculous looking. If you don't like the ugly window moldings, install new ones and if you want to block the sun, go for broke and actually get shades/curtains. Those sad frilly valences are worthless.
This is a beach in La Jolla. Gawgeous.

#6) This one is also juicy. As you may know I'm a relatively uptight East Coaster but upon some somewhat recent trips to California I'd LOVE to end up there. I always thought I'd love to end up in Connecticut (and I still could), but after spending some time in San Diego, I fell in love.

#7) I love preppiness. I love to dress in pink and green and I love preppy interiors too. This one by John Loecke is so perfect! The pinks the greens and the sunny yellows are perfection to me.
#8) I'm a collector. When I was little, I used to collect rocks. I had a mini collection by the side of the road and I even had a Rock Tumbler that was set up in the garage. Please don't stop reading this! Yes, it's true. Anyway, now I collect fun things like fabric, frames, demitasse cups, as my mom says, "old junk from antiques stores", minks, and antique books and buttons! You never know when you're going to need these things!

#9) I have a massive crush on Jim Carrey. I've always liked him because he makes me laugh in his movies (Liar Liar). And even when he is in serious movies (Truman Show), he's an amazing actor and SO CUTE. Don't judge me, I stand by my opinion.

Who looks so pretty in fur? Martha.

#10) Ah, the last one! A dear friend of mine reminded me of this a few weeks ago. When I was in 7th grade I got a "layered" haircut and a few boys made fun of it and called me Martha Stewart. I ended up crying but now if that happened I'd be more than flattered. Martha is an amazing role model and such an inspiration. Thanks so much Claire for getting me to reveal embarrassing things about myself! Though I am in love with interior design, I do have many sides to me as you have just learned. Although as this blog is centered around interior design, it is much of what I think about. I hope you all learned a lot today and forget about the whole "rock collection" thing. Yikes.

I'm tagging the following people. And if you've already done it don't worry, I think I'm the last person who hasn't done this yet.

Penny Rounds
Eclectic Interior Design
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Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

Rock collecting.... hahahahahahaha.
Happy New Year!

Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much for the shout out and I am so flattered to be a favorite. San Diego is on my list of places to go, absolutely. One of my dearest friends moved there last year and all of her pictures are drool worthy. Looks like your rock collecting is getting heckled ;-)

Happy New Year, Alicia; all the best in 2010!!

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you, that rock collection was worth heckling =) I would know, since I helped start it!! HAHA. I blame our parents?

Typhanie said...

Thanks for the nomination! =) I still collect rocks. I have one from each place I visit so I can remember where I've been, but I'm not brave enough to tell my readers that.