Monday, December 7, 2009

My Charlie Brown Christmas Trees

It even snowed, making my weekend even more amazing!

In my fantastic weekend in Philly/Chestnut Hill, PA, my friend and I toured a few houses that were decorated for "The Holidays". Some were inspiring, and some were disastrous. I don't have much room in my apartment and not a lot of time either so I have started with a few mini mini trees. They are branches that are stuck into a cut off stump from a tree that sold. They are like the ultimate Charlie Brown Christmas trees, and I got three of them!

These little guys will be displayed on my chest in the front hall area. They are the left overs from the Christmas trees and are all alone and sad! I had to pick up a few! I put a little red gros grain around that one above. I'm going to get some mistletoe, and another mini tree for the living room. No fake trees here because I love the smell of pine. This is only the beginning and I'm certainly feeling excited for the Christmas season. I just need to stop getting distracted with decorating and figure out gifts for everyone....OOPS. What do you guys think?

Alicia B.


Lauren said...

so cute i love them!!! :)

Realtor from Toronto said...

I think it's a great decorating idea and also very original. But I would probably add some red ribbon. You are absolutely true with the smell of pine, I think it's the most characteristic smell of the Christmas atmosphere. It always evokes in me memories from childhood.

Take care,

LindsB said...

i love little trees, these are so cute!!