Thursday, December 24, 2009


I am now at home with most of my beloved family (we are just missing my sister and BIL. Tear.) and we are nearly ready to celebrate Christmas! Christmas and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite holidays because it's a great chance to gather with family and feel grateful and happy about all that you have, even if all that you have is family. Didn't expect something as sentimental to come out of this hardcore Connecticut girl? Christmas does this to me.

These are little shots of a gingerbread Christmas village at Eli Zabar's on the Upper East Side. Check out the most amazing Holiday windows in NYC HERE on 1st Dibs!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is reading the old Christmas stories. In our family that means The Sweet Smells of Christmas( a scratch and sniff book that we've had for about 30 years), The Night Before Christmas (obvi), The Polar Express (I can still hear the bell at Christmas), and Apple Tree Christmas (an absolute classic that not many people know about). Then we all have to go to bed at about 9:30 and as 26 and 21 year olds, we wait for Santa! Do you still carry on traditions like these? Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas, be good to each other and yourselves, enjoy giving and receiving, being with family--and if you're not celebrating Christmas, hopefully you're with family too, so have fun going to the movies!

Alicia B.

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