Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Faves

I took this last spring in Central Park while lying down on a blanket relaxing in the sun.

I do apologize for being a tad stingy on the postings. I've been really busy of late so thanks for understanding. I do enjoy posting the gorgeous interiors that I post, but I have to remind myself that the blog is for fun. Balance in all things, right? Now, on to the good stuff: it's Friday!

After I complete my country house in CT, I'd like to build a home out in Wyoming with a view like this (with mountains though). I love the openness of the room onto the balcony. From Living Etc.

My bf, an international man of mystery, is going to Paris and Germany this week for work. I haven't been to Paris in YEARS--since I visited my older sister when she lived there. I'd love to go back. This picture is NOT me, but was taking in the charmant Tuilerie Gardens, one of my favorite places in Paris. Via this talented fellow.

Did you hear about the amazing sale going on at the Container Store? One of my D & D friends gave me this brocade metal file bin which I really really needed to house my new Lilly Pulitzer file folders.

I won't be doing anything remotely related to any of the above activities/things. I'm going to CT, and then up to Boston to cheer on my sister in the Boston Marathon. I think she's run about 4 marathons by now and I'm so impressed/proud of her! Is anyone running in the Boston Marathon this weekend? What are your weekend plans? Perhaps some spring cleaning indoors because of all this rain? Or maybe plant a tiny garden because of the rain? Whatever you do, have a great, creative, and happy weekend!

Alicia B.

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