Monday, April 26, 2010

Well Played, Town & Country

Everyone's seen the big news. I think Town and Country made a genius move hiring Stephen Drucker. I've always adored him, then I met him and my adoration only grew. He's a real gentleman and I love his positive attitude and commitment to innovative design. So Mr. Drucker will be moving from House Beautiful to Town and Country, and while I'll of course still be a subscriber to HB, they've just gained one more subscriber at T & C.
I've purchased the magazine from time to time when something in it interested me but I just know that Stephen Drucker will do great things with it (not that it's not already great). They have lovely spreads of delicious fragrances.

I picked up a copy of it over the weekend and it just happened to be the Home Issue! There SO MANY great articles featuring great homes and great designers. Here is a page of design trends!

They even managed to endear me to Swarovski crystal designer, Nadja Swarovski and her family. A little overboard on the zebra but I still like it and I love these adorable pink paisley pillows up on the sofa.

My favorite spread in the May Issue was the Michael Smith home that he designed for his friend Katherine Chez. Michael smith managed to make a 625 square foot living room seem cozy and the tiny bedrooms seem large but the whole home is cohesive and comfortable. Note the swoon worthy de Gournay wallpaper in the dining room which is also in the bedroom.

This is part of the living room. I'm enamored with the Beauvais carpet and the french doors leading to the hall. Notice how the lantern in the hall reflects the dining room table.

Yes, those are my fingers (and chipped nail polish) to the left. This aaaamazing hall with the most beautiful salmon pink painted walls is designed by Gil Schaefer.

The other incredible spread that caught my eye was the home that Katie Ridder designed for her parents. She designed their 4th or 5th home; this time on the Coast of California. She infused her signature classic style with an Eastern influence into this home set on a golf course.

Sorry for the icky pictures (except for the hot one above), but I don't have a scanner so I had to photograph them my digital camera. I've read this issue cover to cover twice and I'm not embarrassed. Anyway, my point is that I adore Stephen Drucker and I think he'll be great at Town and Country. I also think Newell Turner is going to be great at House Beautiful. What do you guys think? Are you in? I just sent in my subscription card for Town and Country--so excited!

PS- There will be a giveaway later this week! It's going to be great!!

Alicia B.

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