Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nine By Design: Episode 3

Tuesday night was a FAB night for tv. I normally don't watch a lot of tv but Glee was incredible and 9 by Design gets better and better with every episode. I'm so in love with this family; they are quite endearing.

IN this episode the Novagratz's were challenged to design a gym in Hoboken for wrestlers (HAHA) and basketball players for only 50 grand (BAHAHA). They manage to convince the developer to up the budget, phew.

The other thing going on is Major's baptism. The newest member of the family, Major, is so insanely adorable. Each baptism has taken place in a different home and they seem to get bigger and bigger (about 200 people!?). Suzanne Vega even sang a song for them! VIDEO HERE. It's SO cute!

I loved "going shopping" with Bob. He loves to shop vintage and he took his cutie little son Breaker with him. They bought Courtney a cross necklace which she super loved! So sweet.

Back to the design. The main problem with the gym is the tacky bar in the kitchen (watch the video HERE). They end up trashing and opening up the space, and putting in a pastel Smeg fridge, this fabulous purple geometric wallpaper, and some cowhide rugs.

In the gym area, they designed a space with vintage gym equipment, large metal letters on the wall, and oversized blown up vintage wrestling photographs. It was VERY well received and was really incredible.

Did you guys watch the episode? What do you think?

Alicia B.


blydesign said...

I haven't seen 9 by design. I will have to check that out! thanks for sharing!

Living It At Home said...

I of course watched them in action last night!

What a couple and I love how they just pulled that gym together. They are fearless...that is part of their success. I am hooked and I am going to try and tap into the "have no fear" part of me when it comes to decorating.

I will be watching and learning from them for sure! Amazing!


rosiecampbell said...

I love this show. I am so amazed by their talent and I am definitely taking notes! Such fun.

William Greiner said...

Loved that Suzanne Vega song she sang! Any clue what the name of it is?? thanks

William Greiner said...

Loved that Suzanne Vega song she sang! Any clue what the name of it is?? thanks

Fran said...

I watch them and love them! They're so refreshing and cool. They kind of make raising 7 children look so easy! And to top it off, they're hilarious! Just found your blog. It's great!

Alicia B. Designs said...

I'm so glad you guys like it.
William, I'm working on trying to find that song, i'll let you know.

Fran-welcome and so glad you found the blog!


Sara said...

I love this show. I fell in love, last night, with the fact that this family is so down to earth ...with some traditional ideologies without the narrow-mindedness that some with the same traditional ideologies seem to have. AND, I completely HEART their great design style. Love it!

Anonymous said...

What was the name of that antique store where they bought the letters. I've been there but cannot remember what street or the name!

Dina said...

The antique store the bought the "desire" letters from is called Paula Rubenstein antiques in Soho.

Leslie said...

Does anyone know where the lavender wallpaper came from? I love it!

Tours in Venice said...

I love shopping vintage too! I'm not a fan of shopping in general but there is something about having to hunt for something of value that really intrigues me.