Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Faves

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This week I went from wearing wool sweaters to flip flops, and now this weekend is going to be Summer weather! If you know me, you know I'd rather be in a sundress and flip flops than anything else so let's just say I'm excited. I've been rather lonely without my sister here (to clutter up my apartment), but I've been super busy anyway. Class, studying for my final next week (HAH), and making pillows!

This warm weather makes me wish I had a beach house or a house out in the country. My parents house in CT is sort of like that, I suppose. I love the wood floors in this country house in upstate New York. Isn't the light that floods into the next room amazing? Gil Schafer.

Here is one of the pillows that I sewed last night. I love the soft green color of t he vines in the fabric. The back of it is a soft natural linen fabric.

Do you like this fabric?

Horses are everywhere lately in design. How cute is this little Jonathan Adler ceramic horse sculpture? I'm so excited to be going to a Derby Party this Saturday. I love the Derby so much and I've only gotten into it in the last 4 years, since I moved to New York. My family and bf all choose a horse solely based on the names. It's tres fun.

Any weekend plans? Which horse do you have your bet on? I'm going for Awesome Act. It's all about the power of positive thinking, right? If you have a positive name like that, he's bound to win!

Alicia B.


Sara said...

I love the image which includes the Jonathon Adler ceramic horse. Is this a dinning room or library? Either way the design is's seemingly eclectic in the use of formal colors and arrangement with a twist of the casual as seen in the bright table, chairs, and lighting...not to mention the whimsical Adler horse. Thank you for sharing. Love it.

Marisa said...

Very crafty!