Friday, April 2, 2010

Putting all your eggs in one basket.

Eddie Ross put all these pretty country eggs in a wire basket. I love the different colors these eggs can be without dying them.

People warn against doing that but really it can be quite beautiful! Clearly I'm on an easter high even though its not quite here yet, but I'm decorating eggs so i can't stop thinking about how beautiful they can be all together! In one basket!

What would a holiday--or even HALF a day--be without Martha Stewart? This looks like a fun project with little fern leaves silhouetted onto these little Easter eggs. I think I'll try this one this year.

I love these wire baskets and egg holders. I think this is from Country Living. OOO Jelly beans!

Pottery Barn wanted to get in on the Easter madness as well with this cute egg holder. Well played Pottery Barn.

This is a fun little project you can do with those commercial Cadbury eggs. If you put them all in a pretty box with some Spring flowers, look how gourmet they appear! From Country Living.

Whatever you're doing today, walking through the park in this amazing weather, dying eggs and getting your fingers pink and yellow like mine, or hanging out with friends, have a great day. Happy Easter everyone!!

Alicia B.

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