Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yellow Painted Love.

If you read this blog on a regular basis you know some things about me: I love the color yellow, and I have a fondness for painted furniture. Most of the furniture in my apartment is painted--mostly just greens or one piece is blue. I have decided that I'm tired of my blue dresser in particular and decided to paint it yellow. Here is a little yellow painted inspo I've come across.

Martha Stewart offers a really helpful tutorial on painted furniture. I love how she used an accent yellow color on the trims and drawer pulls.

I love the color combination of blue and yellow which works well because my walls are painted blue. This relaxed looking living room is by Lynn Morgan. Doesn't this table look like an Oomph table? They should do a sunshine yellow color.

I love the pretty textiles in this room; the carpet, the suzani quilt, and the scroll upholstered headboard. The texture continues in the matching night stands in a mustard/gold tone of yellow. From House Beautiful designed by Johnathan Berger.

This room is the epitome of sunshine; designed by Eddie Ross. I'd love to know what paint color Eddie chose...

Okay, so now back to me. Here is my dresser which is a distressed blue finish:

Here it is after I re-organized the surface of it with all my make up (what make up?) and jewelry. See what I mean with the competing blues? It's time for a change.

These are the paint colors I'm choosing between and I'd like your opinions also.

Haystack by Martha Stewart Paint from Home Depot. My apologies but imagine this a little bit more on the lemon side of yellow.

Sunbeam by Glidden. Not quite this intense in person.

Golden Honey by Benjamin Moore

So far, my head says Sunbeam by Glidden but my heart says Haystack by Martha. What do you guys think? This project probably won't be finished for about 2 weeks so I'm going to need a decision right away. My plan for the knobs are a turquoise knob from Anthropologie I believe. Don't you worry, I'll give constant updates. Thoughts??

Alicia B.


Layers and Layers said...

Hi Alicia....DH & I both say the Golden Honey from BM. I love this colour and have had great success. Worry top one too orange??? & the middle too bright???
I am blown away by how well the upholstery is done on that headboard. Perfect bookmatch! Great post. Thank you!

Kerry said...

Yellow will look so cheerful. I hate to say it but (could be display)Martha appears too peach and the second color is surely going to look like a scholl bus. If it were walls I would tell you that the final color is great. Remember yellow reflects light and tends to brighten. Can you find something like the second one that is toned down one notch?

Jeannine 520 said...

Golden Honey accented with haystack.

Raina Cox said...

Love all three you picked - how's that for indecision?

I've never really used yellow much until this house. Now, both my master bedroom and living room are sporting touches of the golden hue.

Anonymous said...


i, too, have yellow love!!

god bless you blog

amadi_construction said...

If colours were people the yellow would be the happy gang – orange, its close neighbour in the colour spectrum, would be the go-lucky crew. If you need something positive in your life, these are the colours that you should look to use for the positive energy and a more invigorated and energy-filled approach to life

yvonne@designvignettes said...

I love the idea of adding the turquoise knobs!