Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pagodas: a motif I'm into.

Design motifs are basically our favorite things transformed into decorative objects, fabrics, wall coverings etc. These days we love ginger jars and zebra print. While I love those things too, I REALLY love pagodas. They are a classic Asian motif which can make a room fun and chic. Check out how these designers use them.

Mary McDonald took the pagoda to a whole other level when she mimicked the shape here in this upholstered headboard. As you can see, this Asian motif continues on the chocolate wall too.

Here are more pagodas adding height to a room buy placing white painted ones atop this cute white armoir. Love the stuffed animals too. Mary McDonald.

Placing decorative objects on display such as on a coffee or console table is important. Should they be books? a plant? Or two pagodas on either side of a plant like this by Ruthie Sommers.

Meg Braff does the same sort of thing with two white washed pagodas in this absolutely beautiful blue and white living room. I love the symmetry in this unpredictably two tone room.

I love all the asian motifs in this room: faux bamboo coffee table, the blue and white ceramic lamps and especially the pagoda lanterns. This room filled with fabulous textiles and furniture would be breathtaking even without them, but they seem to compliment everything and add a fun punch to the wall. By Alex Papachristidis.

For only $9285 you can have this bold pagoda cabinet. Found it HERE.

Etsy is always full of fun finds. This pagoda throw pillow sells for $55 at Decorative Instincts on Etsy.

Charlotte Moss loves the pagoda so much that she made it part of her letterhead. Great taste comes naturally to Charlotte Moss.

I'd love to get buy some pretty fabric with a pagoda on it and make some pillows. I found some traditional Asian toile fabrics online but I didn't love any of them. I found this fabric line Pagoda at Thibaut HERE. Or, this really cute whimsical with a tinge of cartoon fabric for only $24 a yard at warm biscuit.

Alicia B.


stacy said...

Hi Alicia,

Thanks so much for featuring our fabric. We'd love to treat you to a yard for your pillow project. Just send on your address and we'll get it right out!

Stacy McCallum
Pixie Dust Decor

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I think Charlotte Moss has done an amazing job contributing to the world of design. Great posting

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Decor Arts Now said...

Pretty pictures on this post Alicia. Best, Lynn

Anonymous said...

please , please ,please make a pagoda pillow

the world cries out for them!!!!

thank you blog

Anonymous said...

your blog is an uplifting inspiration to us all!!

another super post from a super gal !