Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Autumnal Reds

A friend, and one of my most loyal readers, sent me the most beautiful flowers on Monday. They are red roses mixed with red berries and a smaller red/orange rose. I loved the colors and they are the inspiration for this post. Reds and oranges are a perfect color for the season and they flow right into the next season: HOLIDAYS/CHRISTMAS!!

Amanda Nisbet makes this orangey red the dominant color in the room with lots of curtains in this color. I'd love a little throw like that one in that warm orange color.

Sharon Simonaire. The chair is quite eye catching int hat color but what I'm most drawn to are the paisley framed art works. So gorgeous and unexpected.

Cheryl Tague is just perfection as a designer. Her designs are simple yet so sophisticated and look very gracious.

Bierly Drake. This living room looks so warm as well. Did you know that velvet is coming back? Well, I read a lot of fashion magazines over the weekend, and it is. This velvet slipper chair is the perfect shade of faded pomegranate.

Alex Papachristidis has the perfect mix of reds and greens. This green desk with gold accents and little pops of reds in the painting, the file folder, the chair, and the coral is so delightful.

Over the past weekend I went to visit my sisters in Chicago and the holidays are everywhere there! People sure are rushing the season forward but why put off something that makes everyone feel happy and in a good mood? I love these colors (though I sort of have a fear of red), but they are fun and warm feeling. If getting a gorgeous bouquet of flowers makes me realize this, then so be it. They're so gawwgeous!

Alicia B.


Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

Red always looks so fresh and I love that touch of orange in the hues you selected. I have an awesome pic of a bittersweet tree (isn't that what you call those berries??). Must send to you, GORG.

down pillow said...

Love the third room - rich beautiful colors, but nicely balanced with all the white :)

Alicia B. Designs said...

Claire, I love bittersweet berries! They are the official plant of Fall--yes send the pic!

DP-I know! I wonder where all those paisleys came from...