Thursday, November 5, 2009

Narrow Moments

In my last project for school one of the biggest issues I had was the fact that when you walk into the townhouse, all you see is a narrow hall and then a view into the kitchen. I ended up opening the whole space up completely but it got me thinking about living in a townhouse and the fact that things are quite narrow. If you can't change the wall, what do you do? Here are some cute pictures of entering a home in a narrow space.

The black and white tiled floor is leading you into the rest of the house here. via Simplified Bee.

Again, the flooring here is so pretty that besides the light at the top of the stair, that's what I noticed the most. Light is really important in a town house too because you only get it from two sides unless you have a skylight. This is Miles Redd's hot townhouse.

Keeping the area clean and simple is quite appealing. Those stairs are so fun looking. Living Etc.

Architectural detailing here is really setting a nice scene and the super inviting half open door is QUITE intriguing. Whats behind the door?? Living etc.

I think the idea of a focal point or something to lead you into the space is especially important. You don't have to enter a narrow space and be bombarded with things, furniture, or a wall. It's interesting how most of these pics have a fun or different floor pattern going on, isn't it? In other news, for my next project in school the style that my prof chose for me guessed it! Modern! It's cool though, I'm going to rock it. STAY TUNED for a special announcement on Friday BTW.

Alicia B.

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Down Pillow said...

You touch on the very valid point that light flowing through the space is extremely important. I think light's probably the most important element in a townhouse.