Monday, November 9, 2009

Faye Toogood is IT.

Among other things this weekend, I finally had a chance to read the Sunday Times! I love just relaxing with a cup of tea and slowly making my way through the paper, but I rarely have time. In the NY Times Magazine (special design issue!), I came across this incredibly talented designer and stylist, Faye Toogood. Her last name basically says it all, because she's fantastic.

Apparently, while she was working for World of Interiors she went stealth underground and started her own business; designing windows for Liberty, and Dover Street Market's shoe department.

I'm obsessed with this little scene with the overscale necklace on the vanity and of course that window. Obsessed.

Remember when I said she was fantastic? Literally, her scenes have a huge element of fantasy.

Soon after she started doing her "under the radar" work, a sort of buzz began and more jobs followed. I can see why.

At World of Interiors she was feeling inhibited by the magazine layout (2-D) and needed to literally bust out of the page. Mainly, she's doing exhibitions spaces and displays but just got her first interiors space for the owner of The Rug Company.

Is this not gorgeous looking? Faye is only 32 years old and is so talented and has such depth to her design.

The two most important elements to her are color and texture. Her scenes are very tactile and vibrant. This one is very ethereal.

I'm quite glad I didn't discontinue my subscription, this week at least, to the NYTimes. Visit her website for more. There is so much there that I didn't post on here and all of it is amazing and inspiring. Studio Toogood.

Alicia B.


Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

Wow Faye is amazing. That house of sheets is so ethereal, I think that image will stick in my mind's eye for quite a while. My roommate subscribes to the NYTmes, but she is out of town and I didn't want to open it, as it does belong to her...However, I didn't know it was design section time! Oh conscience- Do please hush.

Jenn from The Home Decorating Company said...

The last design pictured is fantastic. It almost as a mythical type feel to it causing it to seem serene.

down pillow said...

Such great images - thanks for sharing your newly discovered with us :)

Elsa said...
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