Monday, November 2, 2009

Joel Mozersky, you had me at Dixie Chicks

On my borderline waste-of-time trip up to the Michael's, on the upper Upper West Side, I had a lot of time to read my Metropolitan Home mag. In particular I was most interested in the Dixie Chick, Emily Robison spread on her new loft in a former candy factory in downtown Austin. I usually don't like modern but I DO LOVE the Dixie Chicks so of course I had to read every word. I was most impressed with her designer, Joel Mozersky. He seemed creative, and really listened to his client's requests....huh, strange. Also, did I mention it was a former candy factory?? I'm SO IN.

I loved what he did with the bathroom. It's a perfect place for Emily to relax. And just as a side note, I used that same Agape bathtub in my town house design project for school! Nice choice, Joel!

This bedroom is still in keeping with the loft feeling but seems more intimate. Take a look at those fab sconces on either side of her bed.

Next I took a little trip to Joel Mozersky's website and was even more impressed and excited by his designs. He's even designed three of the Dixie Chicks' tour buses!

The ever popular green and white trellis fabric is used here on the interior of one of their tour buses! It looks so glam here.

Joel seems to be the hottest restaurant designer in all of Austin TX right now. The designs are surprising using bright colors and fun shapes. Aren't these cut outs so much fun? I hope the food is good there because it sure has a lot to compete with.

This has such a really glam tavern feel to it. The rich color of the cabinets and the red leather are super hot.

Remember what I said about fun shapes? I just love that huge circular cut out with the Greek Key detailing around it.

Joel also designs boutiques in the area. These almost make me want to go to Austin TX; especially if there's a chance of running in to the Dixie Chicks. You much check out his website HERE. Just in case you were worried, my trip to Michael's was a complete failure because I was looking for batting and they didn't know what it was and sent me to the cake decorating section BUT I stumbled upon the Martha Stewart craft section and let me just say that THAT was a complete success. She thinks of everything!

Alicia B.

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Down Comforter said...

Love Emily's place. Modern isn't my typical style, but her place is so cool.