Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Feeling Thankful

This is the season to be thankful. We all have had quite a year with many ups and downs but we made it! Now is the time to just relax and enjoy the moment if you're with family or friends. Think about what you are most thankful for in the world. For me, it's my loving family, my amazing supportive friends, and my health. On the design side, I'm thankful for my blog, my great readers and commenters (you guys COMPLETE ME), my school, just plain good design, and my job! Here are some other silly things that I'm thankful for--because there are so many!

Yes, I'm thankful for the color yellow. I believe I've mentioned my love for yellow before but nothing puts a smile on my face and warms my heart like the color yellow. This living room by Mary McDonald.
I'm also thankful for throw pillows. I love to make them, look at them, lean up against them, and buy them too! Isn't this one fun? It's from Anthropologie: The Waterloo Pillow.

I'm thankful for girly sophisticated dresses like this one! I just bought it in black for a holiday party in December. Silk Taffeta bow dress!

Painted furniture and gorgeous bedrooms. This one is by James Michael Howard.

I'm thankful for Country music. Isn't Taylor Swift adorable? Don't judge me but ALL of her songs are great!

Stuffing is my favorite thing for Thanksgiving. Nothing compares to the way my mother makes it and I've been known to by accident (on purpose) eat an entire pan of this delicious stuff! HERE is Martha's Chestnut and Apple stuffing. I bet it's DELISH.

What are you guys thankful for? I'm so excited to go home for Thanksgiving--it's actually one of my favorite holidays! I've been put in charge of the mashed potatoes this year and I'm going to make Herb and Rosemary Mashed potatoes (recipe from Martha Stewart), so they better be good! Have an amazing Thanksgiving everybody and please find SOMETHING to be thankful for!

ALSO: If you're looking for something to do over the weekend and you're in CT, please visit the Millrace Bookshop in Farmington and see my photography show! They will be open over the weekend! For more photos see

Alicia B.


Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

I'm thankful for finding my YELLOW dining table for $65, and of course, my health, family, friends, food & fidos! Happy Turkey Day-

Jenn from The Home Decorating Company said...

Thanksgiving is such an enjoyable holiday. I love the painted night stand you have posted!