Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mercury Glass Lamp Obsession

It all started with the above lamp from Lamp Work Room. It's so pretty and I fell in love with it instantly. Ever since that fateful day, I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Do you ever get stuck on something like that?? Well, I've been shopping around and I thought I'd share what I found with you. I think a lamp like this would be a great way to glam up my apartment a little bit. It's full of soft plaids, comfortable textiles and many different woods and ceramics, but nothing like this.

I've found that a mercury glass lamp comes in many different shapes and sizes. This one is more of a candlestick shape, rather than a round ball but is equally as precious. This one is from Wisteria and is super well priced at $169.

I love the urn shape to this one--so squat and cute! So perfectly antiqued, from Shades of Light for $265

I'd normally scoff at this and move on simply because it's from Room and Board, but I'm being more even handed towards modern things lately. I like it's clean shape, but I'd change the shade. The Aura Table lamp only $249.

The etching on the mercury glass on this lamp from Pottery Barn is especially charming, do you think? Hanna Etched Mercury Table Lamp for $159 and it includes the shade! WOW!

See what I mean? This room is so sweet, and soft with pretty bed linens and a sweet painted wooden night stand but the mercury glass lamp adds just a touch of glamour to this room. Designed by Gary Mcbournie.

Alicia B.


Down Comforter said...

I totally LOVE mercury glass - anything. I almost wish I hadn't seen this post - I am sooo wanting the Wisteria lamp, but can't spend the moolah right now :(

Alicia B. Designs said...

DC--I know! This post was like my mercury glass lamp therapy. I'm okay for now. :)

Lauren said...

oh they're beautiful!!! i always get in the mood for mercury glass around the holidays & don't have any. :(


kanishk said...

This post was like my mercury glass lamp therapy. I'm okay for now
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