Monday, February 15, 2010

Bachelorette Jillian Harris Designs

Once again, my awesome sisters are informing me of tiny little bits of knowledge that somehow slip by me. My older sister, a fellow Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, sent me a clipping about former bachelorette Jillian Harris's latest career move, working for the Dobbins Group in Chicago. Ever since I heard she was an interior designer, I'd been curious about her work. I checked out the Dobbins Group, who specializes in hospitality and commercial design, and I found a link to Jillian Harris Designs!

Shes had quite a few years of experience, starting under Scott Morrison, a restaurant designer.

Maybe all the work shes done in restaurants helped to develop her famous "hot dog theory"! It's a theory about men and what they put on their hot dogs.

Nobody puts Jillian in the corner...but they DO put a chair in the corner with black and white fabric behind it!

Miss Jillian also has her own custom furniture line which includes ottomans, wing chairs and Louis XV chairs.

I realize that watching the Bachelor is pretty awkward and doing a blog post on it is even worse but I don't feel bad about it so don't bother judging me. Anyway, I'm really excited for Jillian and anxious to see what else she designs. Chicago is the perfect city for her too. It has such a great history of architecture and design. Yay Jillian!

Alicia B.


Christan Lane said...

Oh dear. I love her designs!

Agoura Antique Mart said...

Stunning! Iam so excited to visit her website. Thank you for the Link! Maria

bazaarofserendipity said...

owww ive been wanting to see her work!