Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Design Books are EVERYTHING

Okay perhaps that's a little dramatic for a title, but they are tres important and influential. I was taking a little inventory of all my design books (which are many and still growing), and couldn't help but flip through/get lost in Ellie Cullman's Decorating Master Class. Her interiors are traditional, full of extraordinary antiques and architectural details. They are elegant but look livable.

The soft blues and whites in this room make me think of summer. Is this bed not incredibly beautiful? I love contrast of the deep mahoganies with the soft bedspread, pale blue walls, and wispy white drapery.

How many times have I said how much I despise fabric over tables? How cool are these with knots tied at the corners?? So nautical! Also, how much would you love to walk through this hall with soaring ceilings framed by thick mouldings like these?

WOAH I love all the salmon and creme fabrics here! First of all those throw pillows are so pretty. Just simply lovely. But second of all, how fun is that checkered armchair off to the left? I KNOW, right?? I'm not even mentioning the bookcase behind and whatever over sized iron work is hanging on the wall off to the right.

Speaking of amazing fabrics, these draperies are so sweet! They really fit with the Early American vibe in this house. And who hangs an over sized pocket watch from a beam? How original.

When I'm left to my own devices after work, most of the time all I want to do is look through back issues of HB and Domino and all my great books. This time I really indulged myself (ie, I skipped doing homework in favor of Ellie Cullman). What really started this was I entered the Style Beat Contest in which Marisa is offering 5 (yeah, FIVE), different AWESOME design books if she picks you as the winner of her contest. Anyway, I entered and you should too. Enter HERE and have fun coming up with how your books inspire you!!

Happy Wednesday!

Alicia B.


LindsB said...

I love looking at my design books, I can get lost in them for hours

Decor Arts Now said...

Alicia, We are showing interiors today with a very similar style. Mine are by Albert Hadley and they are rarely seen. The photos are NOT from a book or magazine. It you or your readers want to see more fresh interiors peppered with American antiques check out Decor Arts Now, today. Best, Lynn

PS; I am so obsessed with design books that I already own 3 of the books in the Style Beat contest, so I am not entering. Better chance for you!! LOL

Marisa said...

Thank you for the support Alicia B! I am excited to see the turnout!