Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Gift Show on the Piers!

On Saturday, I headed on over to the New york International Gift Fair for the first time ever! I had an amazing time and saw so many beautiful new things. This is a loooong post but there was so much to see and, believe me, I left out a lot (booths that didn't catch my eye). Have fun!

BeeLine Home, Bunny Williams' inventive new line was full of bright colors and new but classic forms. I also picked up a copy of her new book, Point of View and got it signed. YAY.

Gorgeous indigo lamp.

Bunny was excited about her new piece, this folding screen with photos in it. She pointed out that people have too many picture frames floating around and taking up space so why not put them into a screen?

Isn't this chair simple and beautiful? From Blue Ocean Traders. They had many impressive peices.

As you can imagine if you know me AT ALL, I was in love with these pillows with the fleur de lis on them. From Callisto Home.

I love these bundles of letters and sweet little daschund sculpture.

Yay for books! All these books had fun designs on the bindings, many of them in a set.

Total Home really had me with all the nautical accessories. I'd LOVE to have these oars to hang on my walls.

Swoon over this Japanese float vase.

These throws were all so warm and cuddly looking. I especially liked the ones with the chevron pattern on them. They were all made in the U.S. too! Sanford Design.

I found these prints very charming. One of many great companies from down south: Wendover Art Group.


This was another one of my fave places, Design Legacy. It had a certain whimsical quality to everything with sweet objects like this Ferris wheel or flowery fabrics.

CUTE little rabbits!

See what I mean about the flowery fabrics? Gorgeous.

Who doesn't love a garden gnome? These step stools were also really cute and I think they were unique as well as practical.

I was so drawn to the fun garden/horticultural quality to this store.

One of the first places I stopped at was J M Piers from North Carolina. They had even heard of Alicia B. Designs and were huge fans of the blog!

They had an amazing collection of tole lamps. I love this one with a big "E" on it.

I'm a huge sucker for maps. These are inset into these little trays.

Here are more trays and they are hand the USA!

OOO Veuve Clicquot tray!

This store, Vagabond Vintage, was near perfection in my eyes. I loved the look that everything seemed to be collected.

And more plants!

The faded Union Jack wall hanging and more of those tole boxes were truly captivating.

And last but not least, the first booth I visited was Oomph! Their fun bright colors and use of Quadrille fabrics are just some of the many many reasons why I love this store.

Here are more of their fun pillows and a little 'tini table on the right.

I had a great time checking out all the new products for these vendors and meeting a lot of new people. It was obvious that everyone was here for this reason and the design enthusiasm was everywhere! I'm so glad that I went for the first time and I can't wait to go again. I'm also looking forward to what these companies have in store for us in the next year. They looked original and beautiful.

Alicia B.


Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

I am so living vicariously through you right now! Right when I saw this post go up, I was excited to see what was going on up in the NYC. Too cool you got to meet Bunny and LoVe, LOVE, LOVE that big floral chair.
My mom actually has a little room painted with a garden mural all over it-chair would be so fun, if not a little over the top (OK, a lot)!!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I love the Total Home oars and the Bunny Williams lamp. It looks like it was an amazing time...thanks for sharing. I am still jealous about your squash court! xx