Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things I like to do when it's cold:

Apparently when says it's 26 degrees and "feels like" 17 degrees, that means that it's the perfect day to go to the Hells Kitchen Flea Market! I found some amazing things and headed out before I caught frostbite. I bought that little brass elephant and he's serving as a bookend right now but I might also display him on my bookcase, too! Check out what else I saw.

Remember my modern Swedish chair that I had re-upholstered? This looks like the two-seat version of it. The back was horizontal slats and I was quite intrigued, but I don't have the need nor the space for it.

I've completely bought into the whole sequin trend. I rarely go for mini flashy trends like this but, sequins are fun.

A suitcase (awesome just by itself) full of fur collars! I already have a fur collar but if you need one, head on over to the HKFM because they have tons of fur!

Isn't this the most beautifully shaped mirror?! When I made my second round at the Flea market, it was already gone. I'm not surprised--what a great find to whomever bought it!

I found this sweet little guy hiding amidst some larger objects! I would have gotten him but there was no saucer to accompany it.

I did purchase this unique gold painted hand blown glass bowl. I thought the detailing was exquisite, yes?

This sweet little saucer was only $3 and now it is mine!

There was a whole section of these gorgeous blue and white pottery pieces all about $30-80. This one would make a great lamp.

This little magnifying glass caught my eye and reminded me of the magnifying glass that I fell in love with at Anthropologie.

If I could but everything that I loved, I would but I can't find space for antique globes! Maybe later in my farmhouse in the country...

I'm literally never disappointed when i go to the Flea Market. There's always something wonderful to find and make your own. I can't wait to go back when the weather gets warmer, whenever that may be.

Alicia B.


emily said...

i am with you on the sequence trend...Alicia B. Dazzled

ashie said...

did you check the prices on globes??? i adorrrrrrre