Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Table linens are a must!

French Country inspired table linen from Williams Sonoma. Right now at the top of my list!

Last weekend when my parents were in town, I had a small brunch at my apartment with some old and now, new friends! I served waffles for the first time among other things and as far as I'M concerned, the brunch was a success. I think the only thing I was missing was a table cloth. I don't have one! I have plenty of place mats but I lack an actual tablecloth. My kitchen table is very small so its not a big deal but after doing some research I've decided that it might look nice and add a little festivity to something small like my brunch. I think I steer away from them in general because I don't like to make it seem like I'm covering something up. I have changed my mind.

From Elle Decor, I love the soft subtle pattern of this tablecloth. It reminds me of the place mats that I already have from Williams Sonoma.

To coordinate with the wispy linen drapery, this tablecloth allows you to see the profile of the table which is incredibly beautiful. It is pretty and doesn't compete with the bold rug underneath it. Also from Elle Decor.

This autumnal flavored setting is by Eddie Ross. I love the yellow and white stripes--so sweet.

I know this s another seasonal setting but I am DYING over this pattern. I just adore the brown and white fabric--from Country Living.

Again, a simple table set with a burlap cloth that somewhat matches the neutral linen drapery. Designed by Abby Rizor, found in HB..

Sorry for the shoddy picture, I took a picture of it instead of scanning. This lovely table is from Domino. The bold black and white check is a nice attention grabbing contrast from the wood furniture and floors.

In a spread about pink fabrics I saw in Veranda Mag, this sweet fabric with roses on it. Perhaps I could make my own tablecloth with all the fabrics I have. PROJECT!!

This table cloth is very resort or island inspired. I'm dying to go somewhere warm as it got cold again in New York so this one is just right for me! From House Beautiful.

There are really so many fabrics out there (and in my apartment) that I could have many tablecloths if I so desired. Williams Sonoma has a gorgeous selection including the image at the top. Isn't it beautiful? You could have quite a collection, one for every season or different meal or event. Now I just need a place to store them...Good luck to me.

Alicia B.


eddieross said...

You are so sweet! Great seeing you today! Love your post! xo

Alicia B. Designs said...

Eddie-It was so great running into you and meeting Jaithan. Hope to see you soon!

kerry said...

I am fortunate enough to have tons of antique monogrammed tablecloths from my great-grandmother plus the French country ones I've collected. I'll be doing a post soon on how to care for and store antique linens. It works for new ones too. Hangers are key and not clippy ones!

Ally said...

I love the striped and checked table cloths... I don't have any table cloths either, just my favorite linen hemstitch runner from Pottery Barn. It's really versatile; you can dress it up for dinner, or just leave it for any time.