Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A little bit of fun with wallpaper...

Over the past weekend a friend of my parents needed advice on a wallpaper selection for her powder room. She had an inkling of what she really wanted but she seemed not to be sure. I think she's sure now, though. Having a lot of Asian accents around the house, she was looking for a real statement of that in her powder room and as I told her, that's what is so fun about powder rooms; they're so small and if you want to you can really go crazy with them and go all out. The wallpaper that I think she's going to go with has a black background. Of course you can go for a dark color in a small room--it's better that way!

Michael Smith designed this amazing little room. I think this wall paper would be her favorite. It has a bold looks, it's an Asian style toile, and its very beautiful. It's by Clarence House, Shanghai Deco.

This is obviously quite a narrow little space! The sink fits nice and snugly in the room. I love how it's painted a black gloss below the chair rail and then wallpapered above it. Designed By Lori Graham and the wall paper is by Cole and Son.

living etc. I like the moire wastebasket, and the very bold pink wallpaper but don't you know that someone is coming to photograph your home? Clean up a little bit!! Okay, we get it! You have a pink bra! Don't give it all away in one shot...

Here is another Asian style wallpaper that is red and white this time. If you need to play with depth, I think this is the perfect one. Sometimes it looks like the red is the background and other times it looks like the white! I love all the little Asian accents in here: the lantern, the tables. Designed by Meg Braff.

Isn't this wallpaper by Ralph Lauren fun?! It looks almost decoupaged and the mirror reflects the back wall and the little shelf to add more depth, too!

Talk about bold! Anna Sui designed this funky bathroom in her very funky apartment. I love the bold wallpaper and the floor to match it's boldness. Though the paisley may not have much Asian feel to it right off, the mirrored sconces do, and the wastebasket does as well.

I know I've mentioned this before in previous posts but it is such a great opportunity to go crazy in a small room like a powder room. It can of course relate to the other rooms but you can take the feeling and push it to the next level design-wise. And if you hate it, it's a small room so you can redo it without much headache and expense.

Alicia B.


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

The blue and white RL paper is so much fun...perfect for a powder room! xx

Lynn Byrne said...

HI Alicia,
Everyone comments on the wallpaper in my powder room. Above the chair rail is a period paper from the turn of the last century called HoneyBee by Candace Wheeler. (She worked with Louis Comfort Tiffany and is one of our first women designers. Below the chair rail is a product called lincrusta, with lots of texture. I glazed it. I will try to send you a picture. Best, Lynn

Alicia B. Designs said...

Lynn, Sounds neat! Please do send me a picture, I'd love to see.