Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bachelor at The Madonna Inn

Confession time: I love The Bachelor.

Please don't stop reading my blog! I love The Bachelor because of the drama, the absurdity, and the pure entertainment. It's a guilty pleasure and I have no excuse for it. I'm sure you have a show like that, right? Anyway, I know a lot of you are feeling disillusioned about this fact so let's get going on the pure entertainment for you! In the last episode, the crazy girls and the bachelor, Jake, stayed in this hotel, The Madonna Inn. I was blown away at the unique and surprising rooms. They are not your typical boutique hotel rooms, like the bachelor, they are so much more.

There is lots of talk about how crazy the bathrooms are in this hotel but very few pictures because of the fact that, well, they are bathrooms! Everything seems to be made of rock here. Showers look like rock waterfalls, too.

The lounge restaurant is full of these cushy horseshoe shaped booths in red which seems to be a color used a lot around the hotel.

This is one of my favorite rooms. I love the sleek circular staircase and the intricate strange ceiling. This room is called "Just Heaven."

Do you like fur? Well this room is for you (I'm looking at you D.). This room is called "the Caveman Room." Everything seems to be furnished in leopard fur and rocks. I wonder what it's like to actually be in this room!

Remember when I said there were lots of rocks everywhere? Yeah. Large wing chairs in the lobby seem to be dwarfed by the massive boulders. The Madonna Inn, which was founded over 45 years ago, is actually named for the owners, Alex and Phyllis Madonna.

These rooms do seem a little (a lot) kitch, but at least they stand out. Seems like the perfect spot for some drama on the Bachelor, right?

This looks like one of the quirkiest hotels I've ever seen. It's right up there with the
hotel made out of ice that I blogged on last year. Each room is some sort of fantastical world sort of like a movie set, which is perfect for California. Next time I'm in California I really must take a look at this motel. Has anybody been to it? Just so we're clear, I promise I won't talk about The Bachelor again unless it concerns interior design--unless someone wants to gossip about the latest episode!! No? Yes? ANY TAKERS??

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

While I do appreciate animal print (fur more precisely on mornings when I wake up to -10 degree weather), I am not as excited about saying in a hotel room designed for the Flintstones! I'll see you at a red horse-shoe shaped bar, though! Love from, D

Cristin said...

This hotel so over the top! I think it is located in SoCal - maybe the desert?

I have some friends glued to that show too. I haven't even tempted myself to watch a minute... not enough time!


pamela said...

This hotel is located in San Luis Obispo, one of the coolest towns in California that you've never heard of. I had the privilege of going to college in San Luis and if I'd my way, I never would have left. It has amazing hiking, wineries nearby, one of the longest continuously running farmers markets in the US, a 300 year old mission and is ten minutes away from the beach. Plus, it's a college town so you have culture! It's about an hour and half north of Santa Barbara on highway 101. Have fun but don't tell your friends! Too many of California's special places have been overrun and ruined by tourism.

Pamela in Portland

Alicia B. Designs said...


The trip they took on the show looked amazing!! I love driving on the coast in Cali, it's incredible but don't worry, I won't tell anyone!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I've never heard of this place! I'd love to visit it someday. Crazy!

Agoura Antique Mart said...

Oh my gosh Iam ashamed to admit I stayed in the red tack pleather room..thats is all i will say..but, truley it is a beautiful hotel. Maria

Anonymous said...

Just came back from a road trip down the 1 and stayed at the Madonna Inn...we stayed in the Fox and Hound room and loved it (perfect for kids because it is two stories)...had a delicious dinner in the beautiful pink dining room. Made a trip to the very unique gift shop. The pool was beautiful and very warm. We stayed around in the morning and looked in all of the windows of the other time we want to stay int the Caveman room! Make it a great trip with a stop at Hearst Castle and wineries.